Mixing with Maltese Wikipedians

  • 17th February 2017

“Documenting Maltese heritage through Wikipedia – added value or waste of time?” (Chair Seamus Ross; contributors Sandro Debono, Xabier Cañas, Birte Christensen-Dalsgaard, John Cummings, Velislava Hillman, Rebecca O’Neill, Vincent Zammit) Evening event organised at the TD1210 Workshop “Observatory for Knowledge Organisation Systems” http://knowescape.org/td1210-workshop-observatory-knowledge-organisation-systems-malta-programme-available/

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Knowledge Maps used in Information Retrieval

  • 10th February 2017

One aim of TD1210 was the exploration to which extent knowledge maps can be used for information retrieval. This special issue in the International Journal for Digital Libraries contains articles which guide through main issues when it comes to the implementation of knowledge maps. Related events which prepared this issue…

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