Chair of the Action

Dr. Andrea Scharnhorst
Head of e-research at Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)
Scientific Coordinator of the Computational Humanities Programme, e-Humanities group
Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
0031 6 236 332 93

Anna van Saksenlaan 10
2593 HT The Hague
The Netherlands

Vice-Chair of the Action

Prof. Dr. Janusz Hołyst
Group of Physics in Economy and Social Sciences
Center of Excellence for Complex Systems Research
Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology

Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology, Koszykowa 75, PL-00-662 Warsaw, Poland

Steering Committee

Dr. Andrea Scharnhorst
Prof. Janusz Hołyst
Dr. Aida Slavic – WG 1 leader
Prof. Stefan Thurner – WG 1 leader
Prof. Petra Ahrweiler – WG 2 leader
Prof. Peter Richmond – WG 2 leader
Dr. Almila Akdag Salah – WG 3 leader
Prof. Renaud Lambiotte – WG 3 leader
Dr. Christophe Gueret – WG 4 leader
Peter Mutschke – WG 4 leader
Dr. Bruce Edmonds – Dissemination officer
Prof. Giulia Rotundo – Outreach-newTrends officer
Prof. Judit BarIlan – Financial rapporteur
Prof. Oleg Yordanov – Grant Holder

Participants of the Action (Working groups, MC)

Science officer of the Action
Ms Estelle Emeriau
Administrative officer of the Action
Ms Aranzazu Sanchez