2016 EA Workshop: Innovating the Gutenberg Galaxis – Call for posters

Call for Posters

The workshop will investigate the role of peer review and open access in university knowledge dissemination and evaluation. Day 1 will address peer review, with a particular attention to its role in ensuring quality and efficiency of knowledge dissemination and evaluation. Day 2 will address open access in knowledge dissemination, with a particular focus on potentials and implications of new ways to disseminate knowledge for quality of knowledge evaluation. An academic keynote speaker with high international recognition and reputation in the field will introduce each theme. In both days, the speaker will be followed by two sessions with academic presentations each that will discuss certain aspects in more detail. The academic part of each day will lay foundations for a follow-up panel where speakers will discuss with university managers and administrators, who are concerned with the themes in their daily work for handling the knowledge landscapes of their universities.

There will be a poster session as part of the official programme on Day 2 of the conference. This session will provide a specific opportunity for early career researchers to present their work, both on peer review and open access. We invite contributions from this group in particular. Limited funded places are available on application.

Abstract Submission

Poster abstracts should be submitted by 15th October 2015 in text, Word or pdf format to Katharina Mader at event ea-aw.de (EA European Academy). Posters from PhD students, planning to attend, describing their research designs, issues and any results are greatly encouraged.

Key Dates

  • Abstract submission: 15th October 2015
  • Notification of acceptance: 30th November 2015
  • Workshop: 26–27 January 2016

More information: http://www.ea-aw.org/peerreview2016