Call for papers – workshop “Alternative metrics or tailored metrics”, November 9-10, 2016 Warsaw

Call for papers – workshop “Alternative metrics or tailored metrics”, November 9-10, 2016 Warsaw

Call for papers TD1210 workshop Alternative metrics or tailored metrics

November 9-10, 2016

Warsaw: Zaluski Palace

Programme committee: Judit Bar Ilan, Almila Akdag, Sandor Soos, Jan Kozlowski, Janusz Holyst, Andrea Scharnhorst

Invited speaker: Kevin Boyack

Science and technology indicators have a long tradition. They cover traditional input (human capital and expenditures) with output statistics (publications, patents, citations). Knowledge production of Mode 2, globalized team science and the use of new ICT technologies have added to the traditional set of macro-level indicators. Bibliometrics offers taylored toolsets, and altmetrics offers indicators on the fly. We have more metrics than ever, more metrics than probably data can be collected for, or so it seems.

This workshop brings together specialists in STI, science and technology scholars, bibliometricians and altmetrics specialists and researchers with extensive research management experience to reflect about current metrical practices.

How much metrics do we need and how much metrics can we afford? Do we have the right metrics? How can data bases with STI relevant information made interoperable? What is the role for Linked (Open) Data information gathering and management? What new metrics do we need to develop to capture new institutional forms in science? How can visualisations and infographics help to map and measure science?

We will pay special attention to

  • metrics suitable for social sciences and humanities
  • the role of metrics for libraries,
  • the relationship between metrics concerning the input of science (e.g., OECD statistics)
  • the role of different classification systems (KOS, folksonomies) for collecting metrical information
  • the role of visual analytics
  • the relationship between metrics and science policy

The second day of the workshop will be devoted to a hands-on meeting with representatives of the Polish Ministry for Science and Higher Education to discuss how  quantitative methods can support the formation of a higher education strategy.

If you would like to attend the workshop and present a paper/poster please send a title and abstract not later than October 20, 2016 to Jan Kozlowski ( (cc Andrea Scharnhorst,