Knowledge Orders and Science: A joined WG meeting of KNOWeSCAPE

DATE:                  Wednesday, 23 October 2013.

EVENT:               The workshop is organized in conjunction with the International UDC Seminar: Classification & Visualization: Interfaces to Knowledge, which takes place between 24-25 October 2013.

VENUE:               Koninklijke Bibliotheek, the Hague, the Netherlands

DURATION:       9:00-17:00

ATTENDANCE: This is the first jointly organized working group meeting of WG1 and WG3. Attendance is free, but we have a limited number of spaces. Please contact Almila Akdag if you want to attend.

OUTPUTS:          Reports and presentation slides will be publicly available from the project website in November 2013

WORKSHOP CHAIRS: Dr. Almila Akdag Salah & Dr. Aida Slavic

Objectives and scope of the workshop

            Knowledge Orders and Science is the first joined WG meeting of the KNOWeSCAPE Cost Action. The aim of this workshop is to set the scene for the overall goals of this Cost Action, which are to bridge new information spaces (such as online data sources like Wikipedia) and traditional institutions, applying new methods of data representation and data analysis, and to explore new ways and interfaces to navigate in complex information spaces.

Organized by the action’s two workgroups “Phenomenology of knowledge spaces” (WG1) and “Visual analytics of knowledge spaces” (WG3), one objective of the workshop is to promote cross-community collaboration between these intertwined groups of researchers. Apart from the general issues of knowledge orders and classification, a key issue addressed by the project is the understanding of how expertise in data mining fits with information and knowledge discovery. A special emphasis of this workshop will be on the exploration and visualization of different knowledge ordering systems and their behavioural patterns, evolutions and co-evolutions, mappings between these systems and possible application areas in data representation, visualization and interfaces.


The workshop will be opened by the chair of the KNOWeSCAPE COST Action Andrea Scharnhorst, who will introduce the COST Action and summarise its main goals.

The highlights include invited external experts: Lev Manovich (University of California, San Diego), Scott Weingart (Indiana University), Kathryn La Barre (University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign).

The workshop will be concluded with a panel discussion chaired by Dr. Andrea Scharnhorst, with representatives from working groups.


Working group members of the WG 1 and WG 3, external experts and other invited researchers. However, in the spirit of COST the workshop is open for local researchers and students. Due to limited room capacities, if you are interested and if you have not been contacted by the organizers yet, please send a mail to <mailto=””>Almila Akdag.

Programme and slides can be found here.


The local event organizers are the UDC Consortium (The Hague) and e-Humanities (DANS, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences).

Invitation to attend the “Classification & Visualization” Conference on 24-25 October:

Participants of the COST Workshop wishing to attend the “Classification & Visualization” Conference on 24-25 October will be able to register for the conference at the speakers discount rate by indicating that they are COST Workshop participants in the comment box provided on the online registration form.