Closing of Knowescape COST Action TD1210

Closing of Knowescape COST Action TD1210

Dear members of the Knowescape community,

 Meanwhile the Action is closed, and reporting has been almost finished. Thanks to all of you which have provided evidence of the usefulness of this four-year long journey and the events along it for scientific progress in general and your individual careers in particular.


Highlights of the impact and legacy of TD1210 can be found here: The website of Knowescape will be on-line for a couple of more years, and if you wish to flag out things, don’t hesitate to send Andrea a blurb. As former Action chair, she will still work and polish the website a bit.

 A bibliography (due to all your contributions and with a last collective effort from our Thessaloniki friends) can be found in Mendeley ( Also here, I’m happy to add further papers which might appear still. 

As some of you have noted, after Sofia, it turned out that we used up our budget pretty much, and in consequence, some of the STSM envisioned still, eventually could not be realised. This was not an easy decision, but nevertheless a necessary one. Still, TD1210 has granted 50 STSM’s over the four years.

Our Grant Holder office has worked tireless to sort out all pending issues of reimbursements of last meetings and the unavoidable cross-checks for the whole of the last year. It is a great pleasure to convey the good news that last week the Financial Report of the Action was validated by the COST Office. With this approval, the Grant Holder obtains the last instalment. There are altogether 134 reimbursements pending. The bank’s paperwork needed for the transactions has been carried out by Milena in advance so the GH will be sending money out expediently, as soon as the instalment arrives. Please take our apologies for this unusual delay.

Running TD1210 has been a great pleasure and gave the opportunity of many very cross-disciplinary meetings. We will meet in the context of other collaborations, and COST Actions for sure. It has been a privilege with the Steering Group to run the Action.

Administratively, the start of TD1210 coincided with the newly formation of the COST Associations. That we are able to run the Action more or less smoothly speaks for the dedication of all involved, also and foremost our colleagues in Brussels. But, the new organisation also came with less flexibility in terms of budget than in the old days. Not always has been TD1210 managed to do a point-landing with the allocated budget. This year, we ended with a slight overspending, which will be covered by the GH Institution budget. 

Together with Oleg and Milena, we all would like to thank you all for the cooperation, the dedication to Knowescape and for your patience concerning the administrative nitty-gritty.

Andrea, Oleg and Milena