STSM – Structure of Topological Spaces of Networks Emerging via Social Knowledge Building – report of Miroslav Andjelkovic

STSM – Structure of Topological Spaces of Networks Emerging via Social Knowledge Building – report of Miroslav Andjelkovic

As part of this STSM, in the period from 07.12.2015 to 17.12.2015, I worked at the Department of  Theoretical Physics at The Jozef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Bosiljaka Tadic. During this time, we manage to finish the work according to the proposed goals of the STSM (see here).

  • Using the empirical data from Q&A dynamics from Mathematics, we have prepared the network of Tags (knowledge contents) that appear in each Question and Answer over di fferent periods. These networks were filtered to remove the redundant connections. Then, applying the algebraic topology methods, I computed the structure vectors of these networks. Here, we analyzed these results and showed that the relative ordering of the node’s topological features remained invariant under different levels of fi ltering.
  • To study the topological complexity of the node neighborhood we used network structural characteristics at the mesoscopic scale. These topological characteristics are crucial to determining changes of connections near individual nodes that represent knowledge content. We determined several quantitative measures of the importance of individual nodes according to the node’s topology vectors. From this analysis, we identi fied Tags, which are creating communities and, consequently, have a rich topological space around them.
  • We specifi cally focused on new Tags and the innovative combinations of Tags over years in the empirical dataset. By constructing the subgraph where such Tags appear, I determined all topological features of these subgraphs and examined how they change over years. We then combined these results with the analysis of temporal correlations of Tags. We are now preparing these fi ndings for a presentation.

I would like to thank for the hospitality at the Department of Theoretical Physics, where I spent amazing time and enjoyed the supervision by Prof. Tadic. I am sure that we will continue this research to our mutual benefi t. Please notice that the shift of the visiting period was agreed with the Host. Also, I thank the COST Action KNOWeSCAPE for giving me this opportunity to come to Ljubljana once again and finish the planned research. This experience also positively inspires my further work on my Ph.D. Thesis.

Belgrade 19.12.2015

MSc. Miroslav Andjelkovic
PhD. Student at Institute of
Nuclear Sciences “Vinca”
University of Belgrade