UDC Online – a way to learn more about the knowledge universe

UDC Online – a way to learn more about the knowledge universe

According to Wikipedia “The Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) is a bibliographic and library classification developed by the Belgian bibliographers Paul Otlet and Henri La Fontaine at the end of the 19th century. UDC provides a systematic arrangement of all branches of human knowledge organized as a coherent system in which knowledge fields are related and inter-linked.”

Colleagues teaching subjects related to knowledge organization systems may be interested in a free access to the complete Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) scheme for education purposes at UDC Online hub.

UDC Online contains over 70,000 classes of UDC as well as over 11,000 cancelled/deprecated classes with redirections. The UDC Online is a subscription service. A two-week free trial is also available http://www.udc-hub.com/en/login.php.

The English schedules are part of the multilingual UDC hub and the scheme is currently also available for use in Dutch and Czech other languages will be added during 2014. http://www.udc-hub.com/index.php

Free access for teaching

The UDC Online in English for education is on a separate EDU server and is already in use by library schools in Australia, Brazil, Croatia, UK, USA, Israel, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil and India.

Colleagues interested in setting up a free access for their students should email the UDC Online support udconline-en@udcc.org.
We normally require the following details:

  • information about the school/department, contact lecturer, department’s address, URL
  • name of the course at which the access to UDC is used
  • start/end of the period during the year when the service will be accessed
  • number of students that would need simultaneous access to the system (most typically a number of computers in the classroom)
  • IP or IP range of the computers from which the system will be accessed.

The set-up takes usually 1-2 working days after we receive the above information from the lecturer.
If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact udconline-en@udcc.org.

Kind regards

Aida Slavic
Editor-in-Chief, UDC