After Training school: SKIN4: “Simulating Knowledge Dynamics – Training and Work in Progress”

After Training school: SKIN4: “Simulating Knowledge Dynamics – Training and Work in Progress”

Training School of KnowEscape – COST Action TD1210

Simulating Knowledge Dynamics – Training and Work in Progress
Federico II University, Naples, Italy, 19–22 May 2015

This four day event combined the presentation and discussion of progress in simulating knowledge dynamics with a summer school on SKIN concepts, methods and operational skills. The workshop / training school took place at Federico II University, Naples (Italy), from 19 to 22 May 2015 and was supported by COST as Training School of the COST Action KnowEscape.

Prof. Fernando Buarque (ERCIS – Westfäliche Wilhelms-Universiät Münster)
Mark Knell (NIFU Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education)

The gathering included three elements:
An introductory day with high-level experts in the field of simulating knowledge dynamics. Experts gave lectures on central topics important for young researchers (conceptual issues, data-to-model, verification and validation etc.)
Two days of teaching and training with two strands for early career researchers: Strand 1 (for Beginners) a “Starter kit” for SKIN modellers: basic concepts, basic applications, how-to-get-started, programming; Strand 2 (more Advanced) “Work in progress” of knowledge dynamics models: presentation and discussion of own projects with experts in small
groups; advice and guidance on own projects

A concluding day with plenary presentations and discussions of results, progress made, next steps, outlook of the field.


Report with links (pdf) can be found here.

The presentations can be found here:

Local Organiser: Cristina Ponsiglione