STSM – Topological Analysis of Scientific Collaboration – a report by Veslava Osinska

STSM – Topological Analysis of Scientific Collaboration – a report by Veslava Osinska

Topological Analysis of Scientific Collaboration Dynamics

Dr Veslava Osinska at the Boğaziçi University in Istanbul

28.06 – 03.07.2015

During my STSM I at the Boğaziçi University I learned about the state of art of scientometrics research and visualisations of science in Turkey. With Dr. Almila Akdag and Prof. Albert Ali Sahal I discussed concepts and approaches to solve problems of large data visualization dynamics. Among them are issues of evaluation. Evaluation of the visual layout structure is one of the important challenges in the Infovis domain. A topic for future collaboration would be a comparative study of the science history in Turkey and Poland concerning visualisation.

During the STSM I also attended the ISSI 2015, and used the opportunity to discuss with international experts, and other members of our Action present, about key issues concerning visualisation methods. During the conversation with PhD students I got insights in the problems to teach visualisation, and how different research centers approach this. I enjoyed discussion with prominent scientometricians such as Loet Leydesdorff,  and global science map experts such as Katy Börner and Kevin Boyack.

The visit at the Boğaziçi University gave me an opportunity to learn about new tools for scientific data visualisation and to exchange scientific experiences with Turkish colleagues. It also supported some of my activities. This concerns in particular a follow-up international conference in Warsaw on science visualisation [1].

Veslava Osinska