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What do visitors of a bookshop?

One might wonder what a presentation about how group of people visit a bookshop has to do with TPDL? How libraries are used a social place and can become more attractive and possibly also adapt their social function is an on-going research question and a very practical concern for libraries. So, it seems to be logic to also look at other places where people interact with books.  xxx presents a careful ethnographic study about groups (>=2) of people strolling along book shelves, scrolling through books, and talking about quite other topics at the same time. What I find intriguing is how the spatial arrangement of books influences the behavior, and how looking at books together also influences the personal interaction. Imagine visual enhanced IR used in groups, imagine visual enhanced IR absorbing or mimicking shelving principles – and you might see the connection too. The presenter of “Social Information Behaviour in Bookshops: Implications for Digital Libraries”  is Annika Hinze, and the PDF of the paper can be found here.

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