STSM – Data analysis and visualization in the agricultural domain – by Aleksandra Figurek

STSM – Data analysis and visualization in the agricultural domain – by Aleksandra Figurek

STSM “Data analysis and visualization in the agricultural domain” realized on TU Vienna in the period 25.03 – 17.04.2016.

First, I want to express my gratitude to Prof. Andreas Rauber (TU Vienna) and Dr Andrea Scharnhorst (Chair of the COST Action TD1210) for  possibility they gave me to  advance scientific development through this STSM.

I must emphasize that the realization of the STSM was extremely efficient and effective and in any case contributed strongly to develop my skills in data visualization and analysis.

My host institution gave me an opportunity to use the software SOMToolbox which give numerous possibilities for data visualization and clustering. We used SOMToolbox for real-world data sets in the agricultural sector.

Data represent facts and figures in raw form, if they are not properly structured and properly handled. In order to be adequately used and for better understanding, the data must be transformed into information, and SOMToolbox offers many options for that. Once the data is collected and then structured meaningfully in the context of their further use, they present an adequate information base for using the SOMToolbox.

I also want to point out the importance of discussions with colleges at the TU Vienna. We analyzed a number of data set in this sector and identified some excellent ideas for future work.

We are working now on the scientific paper reporting on the use of visualizing and clustering data in agricultural sector.

I wish once again to thank TU Vienna and COST for the scientific training that have enabled me and influenced my views and considerations in terms of data analysis. This STSM will certainly have results in a continuation of cooperation in science.

With great respect.
Doc. Dr Aleksandra Figurek